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Veterinary Technicians

img_2026Luis Villalona

Luis joined our team 3 months ago after relocating to Florida from New Jersey. He is a dog dad of a beagle, a toy poodle, and an uncle to a German Shepard puppy. All animals are family. He has owned a variety of fish, reptiles, birds, and building homes and habitat for them is his hobby. Caring for animals is a priority in Luis’ life. He has a Wildlife and Forestry Conservation certificate and he wishes to one day own a business where he can build homes and habitats for pet parents and pet organizations.

Victor Calles

Victor considers himself to be a happy, strong, independent person who appreciates the little things in life. Most of all, he loves helping people and pets! You can bet that if someone needs his help, he will always be there to help them. Victor considers his work to be one of the most amazing feelings he could experience. He has 1 cat (Matthew), who is like a son to him. He is currently enrolled at Miami Dade, where he is studying to become a Veterinarian. His favorite video game is NBA 2K13. He enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball, skateboarding on the weekend… and, of course, he LOVES Taco Bell!

Victor Luna

Victor was born in Brownsville, Texas. A few months after his birth, his family moved to Homestead, Florida, where he has lived most of his life. He graduated from South Dade Senior High School and is currently attending Miami Dade College. He is in the process in earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology to become a Veterinarian. He enjoys learning about the different breeds of dogs and cats, as well as the different ways we treat each species. He hopes to own a Great Dane one day, and is fascinated by their size and their appearance. Victor’s most important goal in my life is to make sure he enjoys everything he does along the way, like getting married, traveling, etc.


1351455_origDonna Hernandez

Donna has worked in various animal hospitals in South Florida for the last 23 years. She joined the staff at English Plaza Animal Hospital in November of 2011. Prior to moving to Florida she worked in Long Island, NY for 8 years with exotic and domestic animals. While living there she attended Nassau Community College as an environmental science major. Her favorite pastimes include reading, camping, astronomy, crafts, and hanging out with her horse, cat, and two dogs.



Technician Assistants

4860755Kathryn Schiffhauer

Kathryn, AKA Kat, has been with us for a short time but has already learned so much! She graduated from South Dade High School in 2015 and is now attending Miami Dade majoring in nursing. She has two dogs- Bandit and Shorty! She absolutely loves animals, and her favorite part of working as a veterinary technician assistant is that you never know what type you’re going to see. Besides school and work, her interests include sports, baking, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.




Pet Care Attendant

img_1995Gladys Hernandez

Gladys, AKA “Mama Gladys,” has been working at English Plaza Animal Hospital for 9 years. She loves her job because of her love for animals and the joy that comes in working with her fellow coworkers. She assists our patients by giving them baths, feeding them, and walking them. She has one dog named Ginger, a Chihuahua/ Pomeranian mix.





img_2014Leonor Cala

Leonor (better known as Lee) is a mom to three. A daughter, son, & pet terrier mix “Cooky” who was taken in as a stray about 5years ago. She has spent most of her life here in Florida & has always worked in the Administrative/Customer service field. Although she hasn’t been with us for long she makes it her goal to always put the patient and customer first to ensure a happy visit here at English plaza. Lee enjoys walking her dog in the evenings with her family and watching her kids play sports.


Merrylin Bennett

Merrylin is 18 years old and was born in Miami, FL. She started working at English Plaza Animal Hopsital in 2013 as a volunteer student from Robert Morgan Educational Center’s Veterinary Assistant program. She was always had a passion for animals and veterinary medicine since she was a child, and then decided that this was the career that she wanted to pursue. She graduated in 2016 with her Veterinary Assistant Certification and officially joined out team! She is a proud pet owner of a lab mix Sophie and a ball python Bella. She’s currently attending school to become a DVM.


img_2024Shayna Camacho

Shayna Camacho has been an animal lover and owner all her life. She currently has two rescue dogs “Lilu” a Rat Terrier and “Rocky” a Rottweiler. Shayna is pursuing a degree in Recreational Therapy but in the mean time enjoys her working days at English Plaza with the fun loving pets and owners she meets everyday.





Amber Walker

Amber Walker has only been with English Plaza for a short time, but she is already learning so much! Amber is a graduate of South Dade Senior High School. Upon graduation, she attended Animal Behavior College where she received her Veterinary Assistant Certification. She has always loved any kind of animal and loves to help animals in need. She hopes to one day be a Florida Fish and Wild Life Officer. Amber is a dog mom to a miniature Dachshund name Pebbles, and a Chihuahua named Rambo. She is also a dog aunt to a yellow lab named Abby.